New Development

CM also understands the specialized insight required for hotel construction and renovations. Our experience includes value engineering, bid document preparation, bidding, Project/Construction Management, Claims Analysis and Mitigation and Closeout activities.
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Adaptive Re-use

When older buildings, particularly historically significant ones, are being adapted to new uses the challenges are unique. PCM has a distinct understanding of the intricacies of adaptive re-use and rehabilitation projects. We are experienced in working with city officials, inspectors, and interpreting current codes. Often, a community’s older buildings represent significant periods and events in history. Such historic sites present us with the opportunities to use technologically advanced materials and practices to update the building’s structure, yet maintain its historical significance. PCM is actively involved in rehabilitation efforts in downtown Los Angeles and surrounding communities. We have provided services for the adaptive re-use of over 15 historic and/or vacant buildings, totaling over 3 million sq. ft.
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