Education: University

Educational institutions present project managers and builders with unique challenges to the owner/owner representative relationship. In many cases a university construction program is multiheaded. In this situation, several entities, including government, board of directors, department heads, etc., may act as decision makers.
Having successfully completed projects at UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Berkley, UC Riverside, Pomona College, California State University Polytechnic, Pomona, and California State University, Fullerton, PCM has the necessary experience to manage both public and private university projects.
UCLA Covel Commons Dining Renovation, Los Angeles CAValued at $1.6 million. Completed August 2004.

UCLA Faculty Levering Housing Renovations, Westwood CA
PCM provided estimating, value engineering, bidding, contract preparation and award, scheduling and Construction Management for the renovation of the 9-story, 69,500 sq. ft., 72 unit wood frame complex, including re-roofing, re-plastering, re-glazing, repairing water damaged framing, repainting the interior and exterior, new kitchen appliances, new carpet, removing spray-on acoustic ceilings, re-furbishing interior cabinetry and retrofitting with the campus wide computer data information system.Valued at $4 million. Completed in July 2000.

UCLA Courtside Apartments Renovation, Westwood, CA
PCM provided value engineering, cost estimating, scheduling, constructability reviews, procurement coordination and construction management for the 91,520 SF, 217-unit, 494-bed student apartment project which included the repair of water intrusion damage, the removal and replacement of exterior plaster, windows and metal roofing and improvements to the courtyard, corridors and living quarters.Valued at $6.4 million. Completed June 2003.

James and Carol Collins School of Hospitality Management, Cal Poly Pomona. Pomona CA
PCM was the Construction Manager for the 2001 construction completion of one of the largest hospitality schools in the country, housing state of the art teaching facilities, conference rooms, offices, and storage space.

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