K-12 Primary

While our wide range of experience is impressive, PCM’s particular focus on K-12 construction has allowed us to work with 21 school districts in Southern California alone. PCM has estimated and managed over $1B of K-12 construction projects in Southern California. We have estimated in CSI format, uniformat, trade, component and specialized client formats. We have specialized in working for owners developing total project budgets including soft costs, FF&E and other non-hard cost components.

PCM’s K-12 project experience ranges from trailer retrofits of under $50,000 to new high school campuses totaling over $100MM. A sampling of our particular K-12 experience is as follows:
PCM can provide the following services: General Contracting, Project/Construction Management, Estimating, Bid/Contract Award, modernization/needs assessment.
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Educational institutions present project managers and builders with unique challenges to the owner/owner representative relationship. In many cases a university construction program is multi-headed. In this situation, several entities, including government, board of directors, department heads, etc., may act as decision makers.

PCM can provide field evaluation surveys, Project/Construction Management, Procurement Coordination, Cost Estimating, Bid/Evaluation, Contract preparation and award, Scheduling, Value Engineering and Constructability Reviews.
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