Medical: Laboratory/R&D

Research and science-based businesses are constantly evolving, utilizing innovative technologies. As the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries grow with the introduction of new technology and research, these businesses must grow, accordingly, to meet demand and stay competitive. PCM delivers cost and time effective results to help businesses expand to meet their goals.
New laboratories, manufacturing facilities, High-tech FDA approved storage quarters and Biotechnology facilities require a high level of quality control. PCM has managed construction programs of varying size and complexity for the world’s most successful biomedical companies, private institutions, and universities.
AMGEN, INC. Thousand Oaks CA, Boston MA, Boulder CO, Puerto Rico
PCM hired and outsourced highly qualified project management to handle project controls, scheduling, budgeting, value engineering and construction management for new and expansion facility construction at facilities in Thousand Oaks, Boston, Boulder, Puerto Rico, and other international locations.
Completion scheduled for 2014.
AMGEN Parking Structure #3, Thousand Oaks CA
PCM provided Construction Management and Cost Control services for a new 381,000 SF, 951 stall parking structure consisting of 3-levels above grade and 2-levels below grade, complete with road improvements, utility infrastructure and landscaping.Valued at $10 million. Completed in 1999.
AMGEN Inc., Thousand Oaks CA

  • Epogen Manufacturing Plant
  • Building 1 Neurosciences Laboratory
  • Building 15 Vivarium Expansion
  • Building 23 Clinical Manufacturing
  • Building 7 QC Laboratory
  • Building 20 Expansion
  • Building 4 Improvements
  • Building 8 Laboratory
  • Building 99 Improvements
  • European Logistics Center
The Salk Institute
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